What Now

Monday I was asked to come into work a little early. I tried to talk myself out of being nervous because I’ve been working on my self doubt! I knew my boss was pleased with my most recent work so there was nothing to stress about. I prayed all the way to the office for courage to hear whatever it was that needed to be discussed. I think that’s what carried me through.


To be honest, I've never felt lonelier than the times I experienced before, during, and after a fertility treatment. I guess feeling so helpless, hopeful, terrified, and out of control all at the same time will do that to you. If you've joined the infertility community, you know how much of a difference glimpses of hope and connection with others can make. That is why I am thrilled to announce this incredible giveaway!

Confessions of a Childless Couple

CONFESSION: I saw a lady in the airport bathroom franticly look for a changing table she could use. The bathroom was crowded and another mom had already claimed her territory for the time being so, the mom stood her daughter in front of her and changed that kid standing up... I was glad I wasn't her.

Spiritual Ups and Downs

We pulled into the driveway, parked the car, and walked into the house. I kicked off my heels and dropped by bag by the door. I was ranting about a comment that had been made at church while Tyler loosened his tie. “It just makes me so mad… I know it has everything to do with my attitude but for the first time in my life I just don’t feel like being there.” The words hurt my heart as they left my mouth. I only kind of meant them.

It's Not About the Toaster

I cried over our toaster the other day. My Eggo was stuck and I had to tip it on it's side and use a fork to get it out. It didn't come out in one piece though so I got frustrated. Before I knew it I was crying saying, "I just want a toaster that works!" Tyler held me and the flood of tears came rolling. He knew as well as I did that it wasn't about the toaster.